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Subvista Qualitative Research

Welcome! With a reputation for delivering clarity and simplicity, I provide comprehensive services for online and traditional communications. Whether you need to develop your marketing plan, branding, content management, social media, email campaigns or customer insight, I offer strategic thinking coupled with a practical approach to business. A professional background in design consultancy enables the seamless implementation of any changes, directly or via your own creative resources, and with knowledge spanning private and public sectors I can manage your relationships at local, regional and national level. Please get in contact for a confidential discussion or if you would like to see my portfolio.

Subvista offers rigorous qualitative research for any application, with deeper insights delivered by advanced interview techniques and immersive data analysis. With a unique blend of academic training and many years of graphic design, I help clients find a clear direction with incisive research tailoring and real breadth of project management.

My qualitative expertise is firmly rooted in a passion for interviewing and data-led strategies that can be used to explore, explain or evaluate your current situation. Accordingly, I highly value collaborative relationships with participants and endeavour to create research contexts that are conducive to sharing ideas and difference of opinion. Performing my own analysis creates a deeper understanding for more actionable outcomes, whilst working independently enables a more honest relationship with clients and participants alike.

Comprehensive training in qualitative methods are combined with design consultancy to ensure the focus remains firmly with the customer experience, whilst benfitting relations with other researchers and creative professionals. Naturally, I abide by the British Psychological Society and Market Research Society codes of conduct and have ethically worked with individuals and groups in diverse contexts.

Communications and strategic marketing
Branding and creative services
Bespoke research design, planning and implementation
Qualitative data analysis
Focus groups, depths, telephone and online interviews
Creative surveys and questionnaires
Participant recruitment
Market and social research

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Subvista Qualitative Research

Research should be a catalyst for change or an important process for verification. Whilst the internet offers many advantages, I firmly believe direct human interaction is unparalleled and recommend one never assumes one knows what other people think until you have the right conversation. My aim is to help clients achieve their overall objectives by delivering the relevant insight.

Focus groups are proven naturalistic methods for gaining new ideas and feedback about products, services, social issues and other concepts. Their synergistic atmospheres are explicitly used to generate new knowledge. With wide ranging applications, they are highly economical research tools because they explore different ideas in one session. Through deeper reflection and shared experience, participants often realise some very subliminal ideas.

With a wealth of experience in small group dynamics I can ensure an effective moderating style which helps people articulate their views. Whether you need focus groups for breadth of knowledge or deeper insight, I offer the relevant expertise. More crucially, I know when and how to alter my own interaction in order to balance the dynamics between myself and the emerging information. I prefer, and recommend, conducting interviews in relaxed environments but have also established relationships with local viewing facilities and prestigious venues for clients who require more formal spaces.

Subvista Qualitative Research